The covered arena is a metal building that is 100 X 300 feet and is attached to the arena office. There is a wall petition that separates the back 50 X 100 feet area from the rest of the arena.

The riding surface is 100 X 250 feet. It is large enough to set up the 20 meter by 60 meter regulation dressage arena, with adequate space to ride around the outside of it. It has excellent footing with the majority being ground rubber over a clay base. It has wood kick boards around three sides. It is well lighted and is insulated. There are mirrors along the entire back wall and at the front of the arena on one side. It has one horse entry with metal gates. There is also a professionally installed sound system.

There is screening all around that keeps out the rain and reduces the wind by 70%, but still has good air flow. There is a cement patio in the front of the arena that is approximately 20 X 100 feet. That is used as a viewing area and is perfect for horse show audiences. This viewing area has a metal railing to separate it from the arena.

The separate 50 X 100 area at the back of the arena building is used for storage including hay and shavings. It also houses the well storage tank and has a full breeding lab that is temperature controlled with water hook up and a hot water heater. There is a breeding mount and segregated mare holding area for use in breeding. That portion that is used for breeding has a concrete floor. There are also 8 water and electric outlets for RV hook-ups. There are drop-down canvas curtains all along the back to protect the area from the weather.

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